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Welcome to
Stoney Hollow Silver Poodles
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A Note from the Poodle In Charge:

Hi, Everyone! My name is Patrick (aka Stoney Hollow Silver Gent) and I am Head House Poodle here at Stoney Hollow Silver Poodles. You can see my picture above. My Mom loves me so much that I am the only one who sleeps on her bed EVERY night. Oh, sometimes one of the others will come up and I have to share, but there are no other Poodles who sleep on the bed every night, no matter what. Dad says I am REALLY spoiled, but Mom says I am supossed to be, so it's alright!

Here's a picture of me and Mom.

You can see how much she loves me.

Mom had something called "heart surgery" back in August of 2011, and something else they called "cervical cancer" back last fall. A lot of things have changed here since then. I still sleep on the bed (!), but some of my friends have retired and gone to live with wonderful new families.  I will always be here, of course, since I am still the Head Poodle.

I am also the Official Church Greeter, and every Sunday evening, I go off to the Valley Cowboy Church with Mom & Dad. They have a lot of fun there and so do I. Sometimes I sit on Mom's lap, other times I sit with people who are sad and need a friend, but aren't blessed with a Poodle. When Mom leads praise & worship, I like to lay at her feet - I love to hear her sing! No matter what she is doing, I still sit with her wherever she goes. Once in a while, if someone really needs me, I will go to the altar and lay next to them while they pray! And yummm- I especially love those chuck wagon dinners! I LOVE going with Mom - everyone always says how beautiful and smart I am - which is true, of course, but still nice to hear! 

Four other poodles stay with me now and help run the house - Jewel, a beautiful silver miniature girl who Mom brought home just for me, my daughter Emily, who is Dad's Best Friend, Charlotte, a very beautiful Silver Phantom lady and Star, the matriarch of our lines. You'll see photos and videos of them here eventually, as Mom has the time and energy!

We hope you enjoy looking at our website. It's all about us! Me and all my other Poodle friends - most of us are silver, but sometimes we'll have a white poodle puppy. Sometimes we have new puppies, others dbut not very often, since it is a lot of work for Mom. There's a lot of other interesting stuff here, too. Mom is a pretty busy lady, and she's written about some of the things she does on the rare occasions when she isn't here with me. Fortunately, she has a nice pillow or bed for me everywhere she goes! Please take a look around and if you have any questions, just email or call my Mom and if she isn't petting me or grooming me or playing with me, or one of the other Poodles, she will try to help you!

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